Panspayon Lucky Jim ShCM


Panspayon Atlantis x Powdermill Lookin Lucky for Panspayon


Jim has gained many places at both Championship and Open Shows, including 1st in Post Graduate Dog at the National Dog Show 2011 under judge - Mr Stuart Mallard, 1st in Post Graduate Dog at Bath Championship Show 2011 under judge - Mrs Sue Terry and 1st in Limit Dog at South Wales Kennel Association 2011 under judge - Mr Stephen Goodwin (also gaining his Stud Book Number), 1st in Limit Dog at Southern Counties 2012 under judge - Mr Andrew Brace and 1st in Post Graduate Dog at Three Counties 2012.


Jim finally got the last points for his Show Certificate of Merit in September 2012.


This year, 2013, Jim has had a Group 2 under Mr A S Wood (Fittlewood) at Torquay & District Canine Society, and at Stithians Agricultural Show he had a Group 1, under Mrs Janet Denton (Tremorvah).


Thanks to all the judges who have thought so highly of him.

Veterinary tested clear for Patella Luxation & DNA tested clear for PRA1.

Panspayon Lucky Jim - small